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Disposable Syringes 10mL - 100pcs

Disposable Syringes 10mL - 100pcs

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100 Sterile, Individually Wrapped 10ml Luer Lock Tip Syringes (No Needle) by BH Supplies

Reliable and Precise: The Luer lock connector guarantees a secure seal and accurate measurements for utmost reliability.

Wide Range of Applications: Ideal for various purposes including home use, healthcare, research, personal care, veterinary, industrial, and agricultural applications.

User-Friendly Features: The smooth plunger enables effortless handling, while the clear markings ensure easy readability and leak-free operation.

Exceptional Quality and Longevity: Crafted from durable medical-grade plastic to ensure longevity. The latex-free material prioritizes safety.

Enhanced Sterilization: Each syringe is individually sealed in blister packs, ensuring optimal sterility and safety are maintained at all times.

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